Carpet & Floor Cleaning

4serve carpet cleaner in action

Carpets and Flooring need special attention...

As the largest surface in your building, hard floors and carpets must be maintained regularly, helping to keep them pristine and hygenic at all times. Clean flooring is vital in making a great and lasting first impression on anyone who visits your premises, as well as a safe and pleasant working environment for your staff. 

The right tools for the job

At 4serve  we have a range of equipment that will wash, mop, scrub and dry on both hard and soft floor coverings in one single pass, including specialist surfacing to poolside areas and non-slip altro flooring. Our cleaning service with the highest attention to detail will keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh, and will also help premature wear and tear. 

Our service will leave the floors ready to walk on in a matter of minutes and also operate with low noise. This helps us carry out daytime cleaning in environments such as healthcare facilities or retail outlets

Whatever the surface

Whether it’s a one-off clean of your hard flooring, required for a special event, or more frequent maintenance, our team can restore surfaces, bringing them back to how they appeared originally. Polished floors in particular can wear over time, but with regular cleaning the look and feel of the surface can improve by stripping away dirt that has dulled the floor’s appearance. 

Protect your investment

With so many different types of flooring, it’s important your cleaning company has experience in dealing with whatever challenge is given to them. Stone flooring can be tricky, as natural materials such as marble, slate and travertine are porous and require specialist skills to be appropriately maintained. You’ve made a large investment in this flooring, so here at 4serve we can provide the reassurance you need as a building manager, that our specialist experience can restore and care for beautiful and expensive flooring. 

Hardwood flooring presents it’s own challenges, as regular cleaning with water such as mopping can still leave traces of dirt and affect the appearance over time. This flooring can also be easily scratched and stained so our team take special care and pay close attention to not only getting hard flooring clean but also protecting it using carefully chosen equipment to minimise any risk of leaving anything on the flooring other than a pristine finish.

Clean floors, happy staff

4serve offer an exceptional cleaning service for entrance mats and even escalators, so no matter what your needs are we’ll create a unique solution for maintaining your premises so they best reflect your business, keep visitors returning and your staff happy with their working environment. 


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